Colours and what they mean

Colours and what they mean in an image:

  • Black (Positive) – Strong, luxury, space.
  • Black (Negative) – Mysterious (can be good), fear, emptiness, death, depressed.
  • White (Positive) – Purity, cleanliness, birth, peaceful.
  • White (Negative) – Death, cover-up, surrender.
  • Gray (Negative) – Cobwebs, old, confusion and decay.
  • Red and pink (Positive) – Love, sexiness, health
  • Red and pink (Negative) – Danger, war, sacrifice, blood and the devil.
  • Orange and brown (Positive) – Warmth, autumn, meat (brown)
  • Orange and brown (Negative) – Wildlife, splinters, waste
  • Yellow (Positive) – Cheerfulness, sand
  • Yellow (Negative) – Sick, sunburns, bees and wasps, dehydration, desert
  • Blue (Positive) – Ice cream, royalty, truth, calming, happiness (for me)
  • Blue (Negative) – Sadness, unexpected, cold
  • Purple (Positive) – Royalty, Mysterious, bravery
  • Purple (Negative) – rage, mourning
  • Green (Positive) – Nature, life 
  • Green (Negative) – Poison, disgust, horror, nerving, bitter, fear, illness, virus, bacteria, grossness, 

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