Game Design Year 2 FMP

FMP Evalution

Evaluation and Reflection from Feedback



Main updates:

Update: Game V2.0.0

Update: Game Update V1.7.0

Update: Game Update V1.6.0

Update: Update V1.6.0 Completion date

Update: Game Update V1.5.1

Update: Game Update V1.5.0

Update: Game Update V1.3.0, V1.3.1, V1.4.0 and V1.4.1

Update: Graphics V1.2.1

Update: Graphics V1.1.1 and V1.2.0

Update: Graphics V1.1.0

Update: Cutscenes V1.0.0 (technical)

Update: Graphics V1.2.1

Update: Graphics V1.1.1 and V1.2.0

Update: Graphics V1.1.0



Other updates:

Menu Updated V2

Update: Graphics and Animation

Update: Quick Update

Update: Game Update V1.7.0

Update: Level 1 Completion so far

Update: Flute Mechanic Enemies Fixed and Changed

Update: Locked Doors, Keys and minor improvements

Update: Running Jump Added

Update: Menu Added

Update: Standing Jump

Update: Guard Idle Animation

Update: Guard Spear Added

Update: Rat Graphics Updated

Update: Summoning Rat Animation

Update: Rat Run Animation Added and Texture Changed

Update: Guard Sensor Updated

Update: Guard Redesign and View Change

Update: Hero Flute Animation In-Game and optimized

Analysis: Skeletal Animation

Update: Flute Animation Finished

Update: Flute Animation

Analysis: Black Lines

Update: Schedule Changes

Analysis: Character Outlines

Update: Idle Animation on Hero

Update: Object Graphical Change

Update: Prison Cell Graphics

Update: Jesty Running

Update: Guard Detection

Update: Prison Cell Design

Update: Running Animation

Update: Hero Running and Animation Done and New Character Design

Update: Cutscenes V1.0.0 (technical)

Analysis: Naming Conventions/User Friendly Code

Update: Dialogue System V1.0.2

Update: Dialogue System V1.0.1

Update: Reasoning for previous post (technical)

Update: Dialogue System V1.0.0