3D modeling

Research and reviews

3D modeling project

Different types of 3D modeling



3D Modelling Skull Sketches



3D Modelling Mind-map

Evil Laboratory Mood Board

New 3D Modelling Mindmap



Blender Navigation Tutorial

Table Workshop Tutorial

Blender: Exploding Monkey

Blender: Barrel Workshop

Blender Tutorial: Texturing

Tutorial: Barrel Rendering

Tutorial: Adding Depth and lighting to Texture



Blender: Testing Out Different Materials reflection

Blender: Practicing With Liquid Physics

Blender Tutorial (What I Learned): Realistic Eyeball



Blender tools update (what I have learned)

Blender Update: Realistic Wood

Blender: Test Tubes update

Blender Update: Learned About Shape Keys

Blender Update: Model 2

Blender Update: Test Tubes Completed

Blender Update: Realistic Plastic

Blender Update: Jar of Eyes Finished (2nd Model)


Problem solving

Blender Camera issue

Blender Problem: Eyeball Not Showing Through Glass