Update: Spiral Staircases


The first spiral staircase has been implemented. It was tough to get right, but now I know how to make it for future reference.

I used this video to help me with it: Video link

This video is lengthy, but worth learning for any 3D level designs.

Update: Risk or Reward 1 – Wall


This here is an example of risk or reward. On the small platform you see is three items. There is a Link gun, health and a small shield. To get on this platform you need to do a full wall run on the left wall. Once up there you are vulnerable, but so are players below you. This area is easy to die from by the room you see in front of you, but difficult from everywhere else.

Originally I made it without a platform, but with a bit of discussion I added in the platform.

Idea: Jump Course


I have been thinking about what would be a good change to the map. I thought about a jump course, the idea would be to get to the other side without falling. If successful a bunch of health buffs, armour and some weapons will be rewarded. If unsuccessful, the player will fall into some type of pit where they’re are vulnerable.

I think this place maybe a good place to use it:

AcraneTemple bridge sideview.png

To make this look okay, I might need to added in pillars.

Update: Unreal Tournament ArcaneTemple Map change


In the game Unreal Tournament 1999 Year Edition, these are the staircases leading from the secret entrance room to the main room.

I remembered it wrong when trying to recreate it and came up with this:


These do look similar and serve the same role, however in my opinion I prefer this look. I also noticed it was more dark and spooky climbing up and down them, so for them reasons I am going to use this look.