Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 2.1


All the lighting is in and all weapon, health and armor spawns have been added. On top of this, more presets were made, so I was able to add in about 10% more lights without a problem, however the framerate has gone down again. About 5-10% frame rate decrease, but the map does look better.

Graphics wise, not much has changed, however the triple staircase room now has some decoration:


Update: Custom Lighting Enhancement increased

I first started off trying to figure out how to store the data into datatables and then use that data when called for, but a bit later found out it was impossible to edit the data in real time. Afterwards I tried to export data to excel when the game started and then export it back when the game finishes, but that was also impossible.

After a long time I came up with this:


This was however, a failure. The reason this didn’t work was because, the data would need to be stored somewhere and then instantly called back when the game has just started up. As you can probably tell, this is probably impossible also.

After some more time I decided that maybe a preset material and functions that can’t be overran would be better and I was right:


I was happy with this, because it increased the framerate by about 10% that it was before editing and 25% before I started trying to improve performance.

Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 2.0


In this update lighting has been added and the performance increase. The graphic quality has been reduced to low and the FPS has increased by about 100%. It does say it has a low FPS in the screenshot above, that is because of the navmesh.

The things I changed that increase the FPS are sky lighting, which was taking up so much ram and custom lighting I was using.

Update: Unreal Tournament Map 1.3 and 1.4

Sorry for not uploading this before, I got so busy and forgot.


The image above is UT ArcaneTemple Quasar Remix. In this map update version, the following can be seen:

  • Spiral staircase has been added
  • Main area walls been made
  • Drop into water near entrance added
  • 1 side of the main area in development
  • Entrance area resized




This is the biggest map update so far. The map is now playable at a basic level and have some of the item spawns. The following have been added:

  • Both sides geometry of main area finished
  • Third layer completed
  • Main area now has roof and all the ways
  • Connection between the main area and the triple staircase room has been made.
  • Triple staircase room is finished with a roof
  • Water mechanic introduced
  • Added in all object placeholders


I am happy with the results, even though it took ages to make. My next step in development is to texture the map. The objects textures may not be applied, but if it does, it will be done last. This is due to time constraints; limited time.

Update: Unreal Tournament Map 3x Staircase Room

This is the original room I was doing and still am, however I have noticed the map is taking ages to recreate and I might be spending too much time on it, so I tried to make the map as normal, but made a height mistake, but I am keeping it in for now.

A few positive changes I have made are, the left and right staircase are completely to the wall, the wall cover in the middle of the room now has two big walls instead of one and there are flashing lights in there now.



The area doesn’t look terrible, it actually looks better in my opinion, but I will make any tweaking necessary at the end to near the end of the map’s completion.

Update: Risk or Reward 1 – Wall


This here is an example of risk or reward. On the small platform you see is three items. There is a Link gun, health and a small shield. To get on this platform you need to do a full wall run on the left wall. Once up there you are vulnerable, but so are players below you. This area is easy to die from by the room you see in front of you, but difficult from everywhere else.

Originally I made it without a platform, but with a bit of discussion I added in the platform.