Why I’m going to emulate Tetsuya Nomura style


I have been a big fan of Tetsuya Nomura art style for quite a while, but never knew why, so I analysed this drawing by him and noticed why.

The drawing has a curve body and spiky hair. This gives more emphasis to the character’s head, I like this, because it draws me to the head and makes the body less distracting to what is going on. The way the character is drawn makes me feel more relaxed around him, even though he is in a fighting stance, this drags me in, because I don’t like characters that seem too aggressive.

The way he is dress tells me that he is ready for a fight, but doesn’t want to fight. Tetsuya Nomura normally uses a lot of belts in his drawings, which I don’t really like, because it doesn’t fit me, so I will use belts in my character, but not many. Tetsuya Nomura either uses a lot of belts or zippers currently in his drawings.

The character face has above average size eyes, which makes him seem natural, but not crazy big, which I don’t like, because it seems weird to me. The depth strokes Tetsuya Nomura uses gives the character a natural 3D look, which is what I like in a drawing.

All the characters Tetsuya Nomura normally draws are cartoon looking, which I really enjoy, because to me I connect cartoons with creativity and I love creative looking designs. The characters having overly large weapons adds to this fact, which I think is the reason I feel in love with his art.


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