Evolution of the concept art

Front view:

I originally traced over the first concept art I made and traced it out, correcting any mistakes and changing the arms to only one non-human one. This in my opinion and some others increased its look and made it look more like Tetsuya Nomura’s art style.

I tried to scan it in, but it looked really bad, because I used tracing paper and not ordinary paper. I didn’t realise this would have made a difference, but it did, so I redrew it, smoothing out the lines on a Light Box.


Back view:

After doing the front view, I went on to the back view. I made the character’s head bigger from this point forward, because it was too small and didn’t fit Tetsuya Nomura’s art style, the head was about 50% bigger than a typical head, double is too much and regular is too small.

This was the easiest and hardest side to do. The face and body was really easy to draw, but when it came to the hands and feet were a pain to do. I also now realised I did the hands the wrong way around and should change sides, I flipped the hands, but not their composition on the paper.

Once I drew it all out I scanned it in and redrew the character on a Light Box to smooth out the character and make it more neat.


Side view:

This view was extremely difficult to draw. The nose difficult to get in the right place, the trousers were difficult to get to look right and I event got the character’s rotation incorrect. This took me quite some time to get everything correct.

After it was drawn correctly from the right angle I scanned it in and redrew it on the Light Box to smooth it out, because it really needed it and then scanned it in.


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