2D Game: New Plan

With the realisation that the deadline is closer than I thought, I decided to make a new plan on what I should do with what I got. (I have two new traps now, update sometime next week).

New plan:

  1. Use traps, features and mechanics I already have to make a level that is fun to play (hopefully).
  2. Add a score system, for example: score of 1,000,000 that goes down by 1 every 0.1s, total time 27h aprox, which stops at an end goal.
  3. Find out how to record a high score and add it in the game.
  4. Add more mechanics if I have time, for example a simple one, rock platforms block laser beams that standard platforms don’t
  5. Tweaking (Very very unlikely to happen, seeming I only have a week)


If I had more time, I would make use of the melee combat mechanic, which is currently 1 normal stab attack and flesh it out more by adding combos, abilities and juiciness, like particle effects on hit.


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