FMP: My FMP revealed

My FMP has been revealed and I will be working on it through until 14th June 2019. I will shortly post my recent findings.

My FMP is to develop in area more in depth of the area we have already developed in. I am choosing to do 2D Game Design. I will be developing a new idea I have thought of throughout the past month. I have made some mind maps and mood boards to support these choices. The game genre I choose were puzzles.

By choosing this I will need to do some research of what makes a good puzzle, why popular puzzles are successful and how my game mechanic can improve the puzzles and gameplay.

Once I have gathered the research, I will do some analysis and look at other’s analysis’ and reviews and then determined if it is beneficial or not to my project. In my own analysis I will compare it to what I am making and see if it matches up, if it does, then it probably has some beneficial values and if does not, it probably doesn’t.

After the initial research I gathered, I will be making a proposal plan that is challenging, but not too challenging. I will have few gaps in the plan, this is because I need to know if I am capable of the tasks I gave myself first. After I reach the end on the plan, I will fill in the rest of the weeks left.

By this point I should have a mostly finished proposal plan and a research pack with a variety of relative research in. The next step is to plan the level designs. This will be done through paper prototypes and discussions with myself and my peers. After the paper prototypes have been made, I will decide whether to add them in or not. 

The main audience for this project is everyone who likes puzzles. To be more specific, my main target audience is teenager to young adults who enjoys puzzle games.

During the projects period, I will be adding updating the blog to show what I have been doing or have done. In some of these blog posts will be an evaluation or a summary. In these I will be explaining and analysing the post and possibly if I there is room for improvements.


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