Analysis FMP: Super Meat Boy

I watch this video for my analysis: Super Meat Boy analysis


Super Meat Boy is a game made by an indie team, which utilities its mechanics extremely well. I chose this to analyses, because it will help me to fit what my purpose of my game is about; utilizing mechanics efficiently.

Super Meat Boy uses the same tools over and over again, creating something new with them, which seems to excite the player, which therefore means it is a symptom of good game design.

Super Meat Boy reuses levels or sections from previous levels, but adds in a twist to make it feel different and unique. In these levels it uses failure as a learning tool to teach the player what they did wrong without saying a word.

According to the person in the analysis video, a good game should feel satisfying and creative with its layout and not just be there to be there. This game exhibits theses traits, which makes it a good game, because it feels satisfying to play the game over and over again.


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