Solution FMP: Shoot at Mouse Position

After trail and error from this tutorial: tutorial link. I eventually gave up trying to get it to work and started from scratch using this as a learning tool: tutorial link.

I got this working using my only knowledge and common sense to  make this working:

The incorrect version was this:


They both fired projectiles at the cursor, but the incorrect one had bugs and errors in, ending up it shooting in the wrong direction 90% of the time. The difference between the two tutorials was, one was done in a custom controller, which I didn’t want to make for one feature and the other was self made by me with help from the WTF is ConvertMouseLocationtoWorldSpace tutorial.



I got what I planned to produce, but not originally and now have an idea for a debuff. I still need to destroy the bullets on wall collisions, but apart from that, I am happy with what I produced with these tutorials.


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