Concept FMP: More Level Designs

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I have went back to the beginning of the game and thought again how the starting level should be and how it should progress. I originally was scared that if I went too slow and didn’t include enough puzzle mechanics on level 1, then the player would lose interest and leave, but again it seems to be the opposite.

I didn’t think I included too much, but after having a conversation with someone, I realised that I was still going through mechanics too quickly, even though I thought introducing a new mechanic every 5 to 10 levels was a good pace, until I had a good variety of mechanics, but now I noticed that was way too fast. This was mainly my own fault for giving myself a small goal of 20 puzzles.

The biggest problem I still having and is hard too stop is being too creative and eager to create new mechanics, which makes it hard not to add in a new mechanic or idea I have in my head, especially if I think it will benefit the game massively.


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