Review FMP: Redungeon


I chose to play this game, because I remember enjoying it a lot before and it was a puzzle game. I watch a tutorial to see how random generation worked in a game and then thought maybe I could add in a endless mode in my game, which made me decide to revisit this Redungeon, This is the tutorial I watched: How to generate a course

After playing it for a few hours I have realised how it used its puzzles to teach the player how to solve each. Every puzzle isn’t obvious at the start, but dying to it shows you how it works, for example: Ice on the floor, this originally may be seen as a automatic movement towards an object, but on failure you notice it is an instant move, but can die with traps.

The pace of the game is done strategically well. It starts off really slow and then picks up the pace, which allows the player to understand how each puzzle works and then challenges them by introducing them randomly but at a high pace. If the game gets boring at this point, not much longer, a new puzzle gets added in to the mix, giving challenge again.

To make the player keep wanting to play the game, they added in an upgrade system, which gives you abilities, so you can survive further. This is common practice, but is still good to include into most full games.



From playing this game I have learnt knowledge of what types of puzzles are good to include in an endless puzzle solver type of game and am thinking about if I should include it into my game or not? I am thinking of not including it into this project, but making it a focus for my next project, but only time will tell on what I decide to do.


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