FMP Update: New Levels and an Overview of the whole game

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Note: By mechanic I mean something that has been made for a purpose and by feature I mean something that has already existed, which has been added on to something like an object.


New levels 18-21 have been added. Even though the new level amount isn’t huge, but the content is massive in each level. With these three levels a new mechanic called teleport has been added. When you enter the area your player will teleport to a different area.

Level 21 is currently the last level and in that respect the last level is a finale to this project. It uses all the mechanics except the slide as features of the level, while adding in a trick or two.

The following is the  21 levels made in this project:



I am very happy with the amount of levels I have produced and hope I can keep improving my production speed and quality. This was a fun project and I would continue development on this if given the chance.


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