Update: Custom Lighting Enhancement increased

I first started off trying to figure out how to store the data into datatables and then use that data when called for, but a bit later found out it was impossible to edit the data in real time. Afterwards I tried to export data to excel when the game started and then export it back when the game finishes, but that was also impossible.

After a long time I came up with this:


This was however, a failure. The reason this didn’t work was because, the data would need to be stored somewhere and then instantly called back when the game has just started up. As you can probably tell, this is probably impossible also.

After some more time I decided that maybe a preset material and functions that can’t be overran would be better and I was right:


I was happy with this, because it increased the framerate by about 10% that it was before editing and 25% before I started trying to improve performance.


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