Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 3.0


This is the overview of the update map, it now has a sky atmosphere and a brand new area, which wasn’t in the original map.

The new area looks like this when viewing it from the outside:


To the left you can see the area’s outside and to the left you can see a locked door. To unlock this door, you will need find the key, because firing at it will do no good. Above the door and the new building area is the sky atmosphere. The atmosphere does move when you start to play the game.

As you can also see in the background, I have made a few adjustments to the graphics. I did this because, I noticed the player can see them from their camera.

Inside the new area, you can see things like this:


Being in this new area gives you weapons, health and armor. The Redeemer can also be found inside. To get out you can either go through the entrance way or by breaking through the door shown.




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