Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 3.2


This is the overview of the new map. Two new areas have been added by using the destruction meshes. They are the following areas:

Health and Armor Secret Room.png


Unfortunately some of the weapons don’t damage it and because, I didn’t make the weapons, it would take forever to find the correct actors and their variables.

I did encounter a problem while creating the areas and that was light bleeding; the lights were going through walls. I didn’t figure out the solution, however I did make it better by reducing light exponent to 0.5, reducing intensity and some radius. I would have reduced the radius further, but I needed some lights to have a large radius, because I wanted them to reach certain things.

All in all I am happy with the new areas and mending the light bleeding slightly.

Unfortunately this maybe the last update to this map, because the project is almost over. On the plus side though, a new project will start after this project has ended. It is something to do with adventure, but things might change.


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