Analysis: What is an Adventure

What is an adventure?

An adventure is an event or series of events that can be physical or mental. It is an exciting experience, which is typically unusual or daring and has to have a meaning or goal. It consists of lose and/or gain, risk, decision making and impact. An adventure has some aspect that is challenging, whether that be mentally or physically.


Adventure in video game 

Adventure in video games is giving the player experiences that can’t be found or hardly found in real life, like exploring a new world, becoming a fire wielding magician and being a professional solider. These experiences are normally optional, but can be mandatory. Unlike real adventures, these adventures can be quit at any time and have less risk than if done in real life.

All experiences in video games require some type of roleplaying, because it is near impossible to impossible to make an enjoyable game that makes the player think everything is real.

Adventure in video games also need to be entertaining, which increases in difficulty over time. For the game to be pure adventure, it must include low amounts to no combat, because that goes under the action category.


What does sub-genre mean?

An adventure sub-genre game, means it has the aspects of adventure, but it isn’t the main point. An example of this is the Final Fantasy series. These games have all the parts of an adventure, which are decision making, a meaning, a goal, lose and gain, a great experience and you having impact on the world, however the game has heavy elements of rpg, action and narrative structure.


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