Analysis: Adventure Game Genre and Sub-Genre Examples

Adventure Game examples:

We first go back around the time where adventure began in video game; Zork:


Zork is a text adventure game, which puts you in control of an adventurer leaving their home to go explore for treasure.

Secret of Monkey Island

Going on from Zork to a famous point and click adventure game. That game is, The Secret of Monkey Island. The plot of this game is the main character wanting to become a pirate.


From the point and click game genre came Syberia, which combines a 3D environment in the point and click adventure game genre. The player can move by clicking on the screen with the mouse cursor, which will allow them to discover items that are off the screen, because the camera also moves.


Following on, we have myst, which is a graphic-adventure game. It uses a 3D island, hiding audio tapes, puzzles, intractable items and more. The main goal of the game is to get off the island.


We are now at one of the best narrative adventure I have experienced. It follows  different characters throughout the story, which allows the player to learn about them overtime. Detroit Become Human gives the player a wide variety of choices that have an impact of the present story and can affect the ending.



Adventure Sub-Genre Examples:

Almost all adventure games use other game elements to make the game fun, but adventure remains the main focus. If adventure is a sub-genre, then it is the opposite of what I explained; it is an enhancer, not the product.


Castlevania Sympathy of the night is an action adventure game, where you follow a hunter, who takes down creatures to proceed further in the game.


Legend of zelda ocorina of time

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time is action-adventure game you follow a boy named link, who is on a quest to save the princess of the land, who is named Zelda.


Shadow of the Colossus is an action-adventure game, where you explore a 3D open world environment, take down Colossi and try to resurrect you lost love.


Grow up is a platformer adventure game about a robot trying to get back to his planet.


The game shown above is Unsung Warriors. This is a new action adventure game that is in development and I chose this game, because it uses puzzle mechanics that I can try to learn from. The game was fun, but sometimes unfair. I know can see what makes some puzzles are unfair.


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