Analysis: Naming Conventions/User Friendly Code

Used links:



I watched the video above about PEP-8 (Python) naming conventions and read an article above about C# friendly user code to get an idea of how to be more user friendly (other programmers not clients).

The information I gathered from analyzing both sources were the following:

  • All variable names should use the camelCase naming convention. You can also use the PEP-8 naming convention, which separates each word with an _ instead of a capital letter.
  • Class names should always use the PasacalCase.
  • All variables that you don’t want changing should be in capital letters.
  • All names used as a variable, class or any other purpose, should be meaningful.

I have always made the names meaningful, but I didn’t know there were naming conventions for different types of variables. I will start using these naming conventions from now on.


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