Update: Hero Running and Animation Done and New Character Design


The enlarged sprite sheet above is off the hero run animated. I made the coat move with the character when he is running. This wasn’t necessary, but made it look better.


This is Jesty the Jester. She is quite peculiar on how she acts. She can be happy and over the moon one moment, then miserable and sad the next. You will first encounter this character in level 1 in a prison cell.

Development of design:

My first design was using the character of Rubella and Tristis from Child of life and jester designs from the 1900s-2000s.

The second design I changed the shirt colour and preposition one of the hat bells. This was because, it didn’t look quite right in the game.

The final design was changing the torso, so it looked more feminine. Basically reduce the stomach size and add some breasts.


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