Update: Prison Cell Design


Above is a 32×32 pixel prison cell design. The Outside of the cell will have at least a 64×64 pixel look and the inside will be at least 128×64 pixels.

I have been working on the running animation for Jesty the Jester, but I wanted a break temporarily, so I decided to make a design for one of the prison  cells where Jesty the Jester would be.

I changed the background wall colouring a bit, so it is more darker and plan to do so with the main tilesets I’m using.

I wanted to make the tilesets more darker, because I wanted to get a better feeling of being in a dungeon and to show the times are more dark.

I also have decided to start to make the graphical theme more retro style, which means making more simplistic textures and focusing on colours to show where the player is. Examples: Blue means water, greem means jungle or somewhere dirty, yellow means desert and orange meaning somewhere hot.

I am thinking off making the first 5 levels or so all green and dark coloured theme. Then I am thinking of altering the textures to be more bright, but still green. Once the player is almost near the ground, I am considering to alter the bricks once again to inherit the colours of dark orange and green. Green, because you’re still in a dungeon and dark orange to resemble the evening time.

Then once the player has reached the surface, I am thinking of making the scenery colour palette to an evening type of theme. The characters will stand out, but the scenery won’t as much.


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