Update: Prison Cell Graphics


Above is the textures for the prison cells, which will be introduced at the start of the game. There is currently no furniture made, but will be working on that soon. The furniture will be stuff found in prisons, for example: Beds and toilets.

The doors have also been re-textured for the prison cells. I am considering making another door texture that doesn’t have to be attached to a prison cell, but currently that’s not needed.

The textures are using a green Monochrome palette, because it separates them from the characters and I will try not to apply green onto the character designs, unless necessary (example: camouflage).

I an happy with the content I have made today and will continue development further. I am not happy that I made some textures that weren’t needed, but that’s a learning curve.

The textures I made that weren’t needed was all of the lower section if the prison cell.

I have also just realized that the door open frame needs to have areas filled in when it would be transparent.


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