Update: Graphics V1.2.1


Graphics V1.2.1Above is the new platform texture. The new platform now has a bigger drop shadow, about 2x bigger. I altered the shadow, so it would further push it out from the background. I tested around by changing the drop shadow length and adding in shadow and light overlays, but found having no overlay was the best. I found that a 4px drop shadow was the best, because it shows the platform is a platform, but it is not hovering in the air. If I had no drop-down shadow, then the platform would  barely be visible.

I have also changed the platform, so it looks good in the air. I may not need one for the project, but I have one if I ever do need one. Here are two examples of it in action:



The first example looks better in my opinion, but the 2nd screenshot also works really well.

Jesty the Jester has also has had her outlines removed while in her running animation:

As you can see, she looks much more natural than before, here is what it looked like before:

I am extremely happy and impressed with the progress I’ve made so far, seeming the previous screenshot was only a week ago. Quick side note, I’ve been cheered up and laughed a few times, whenever I’ve seen the idle animation play randomly.

Here is the animation:


I only just realised I can upload gifs without needing to upgrade, so I will be uploading the gifs from now on, but they are scaled up, so they will be blurred.


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