Update: Rat Run Animation Added and Texture Changed

For this animation I used this as a reference: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/815362707514474123/ (image below)


Even  though the pixel art above is at a way higher resolution than 32×32, I only used it to analyse the leg movements. I didn’t add in all the small animation details of head rotation, moving tails and distortion of the body, because they aren’t that noticeable and is not that high on my priority list. If I have extra time I might add in the small details, but that’s very unlikely.

Anyway the animation I made was this:

The one on the left is 12fps and the one on the right is 24fps. The frames are the exact same, but I altered the animation from 12fps to 24fps, because it looked way too slow for a rat animation. Here is a screenshot of it in game:


I am happy with the new design and the run animation. If you are wondering how it compares to the old version, here is a side to side comparison:

The reason I changed the graphics is because, it didn’t quite fit with the other designs and I haven’t updated in ages, so I decided it was justified to give it a new design.


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