Update: Guard Idle Animation


Above is the new idle animation, called the ground stomp. I put in a little extra work with this animation, I added in particle affects to make the animation feel more intense and I made the weapon add shading to the player.

To make the creation of this animation easier, I separated the arm from the body, which initially was attached to. I then put the spear on a different layer, which was in between the body and the arm.

By separating the body parts it made shading much easier and I had to worry less about colliding parts. From realizing this, I am considering separating the body parts on the other animations if I use them again.

Anyway continuing on from the animation, I started to implement it into the game. To do this I first added in the code in the create action:

Once I have the create code, I wrote the code that would apply the animation and sound affects:


I have only added sound affects on 1 other animation, which is the flute, but I thought that this animation really needed the sound affects. I might add it to more, but that would be part of the refining stage of development.

With all the code added in, the end result looks like this:


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