Surprise Update: Level 2?


The reason the player is running, is because of a bug in the game. I currently am unable to fix it, because I don’t know what’s causing it.

Disclaimer: This is not a released game and therefore can’t be found anywhere online, yet. I may expand and release the game at a future date, but I currently don’t plan to. The game is however real and mostly playable, just not public. 


A new level has been added to Incredible Notes. Well sort of. The first half of the level has been added in, but the second half has not been.

In the 2nd level, the story is starting to unravel. You learn where specifically you are, who you are, what’s happening in the outside world and more.

In the update 2 secret dialogue scenes have been added in. Let’s just say they know more of what’s going on.


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