Update: Menu Added

Tutorial used:


Assets used:




Incredible Notes Menu

After following the  tutorial above, I came up with this. It is quite simplistic, but it works well for what I needed.

Following on from the tutorial I added in music made by ShadyDave from Free Sounds. I then added in a second menu section, which can be accessed through options:

Options_menu Currently there is only two options; Music and Back. I plan on adding a third option, which will be called, “Controls”.

The current option Music will turn on or off the music. Basically it’s a switch. To create this I needed to add in some extra code in the create action:


The four new things added were:

  • Music that will loop continuously, unless commanded not to
  • A way to turn off and on the music
  • A way to tell, which menu has been selected
  • A string that changes the menu title name

Once done I added in the new code in the enter pressed action:

In the code above, the menu selected will be decided depending on what the menu_selected value is. Once selected it will look at the current menu_index, which is shown in game by a red colour. It will then run the output of the case selected.

The reason I am changing the buttons variable is because, it says how many buttons should be on screen and what buttons can be selected.


If you want to add in title text, then you will need to something like the screenshot above. You will have to set the color of the title before it is written, because for some reason when the very last menu option is selected the title will turn red, unless you set the color to the default color before writing it on screen.

Update: Standing Jump


The above animation has been used for 3 sets of animation, going into a jump from standing position, jumping and landing. It took about a whole day to complete, because I wanted it to look smooth.

To first setup the animation, I needed to create some new variables in the create action:

Once I created the code, I altered the jump code, so it requires the into jump animation to finish, until the player jumps into the air:

Afterwards I wrote the animation code, which tells the program when to push the character upwards and when to change the animation to the rising/falling animation:

Once this code is finished, the program then should check through this code to see if the requirements have been met:


The above code is changing the animation_action variable, because it will need to be used when hitting the ground.

Now that the jump code has been finished, this is what I have:

With all the jumping done, I added this code in to setup the landing code:


All this is doing is changing the animation_action variable. This is so the program can tell the animation is now playing and not just waiting.

From this point I added in the animation code:


This code will reverse the animation speed to -2 (I know it says 0.2, that’s because I forgot to change it when taking this screenshot). Once the animation has reached a certain point, it will bring the animation_action back to default, which means it can be used again. Here is the landing animation screenshot:

The animation is now complete, sort of. The animation is complete, but with it complete there were quite a few bugs, glitches and errors, which I needed to fix. I didn’t take screenshots of the code fixes, because I thought it wouldn’t be that necessary.

Some examples of issues I encountered were:

  • Spelling error – I misspelled a value, so it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do.
  • Animation playing when a movement key is pressed – The issue was a weird one, the problem of the animation playing, was because of the run function I had. With it unlocked it played animation when the movement key was held down, but only at a certain point.


Update: Update V1.6.0 Completion date

The update V1.6.0 will be coming around Thursday 7th May. This is because, I have big plans for the next update, so it will take longer than normal.

The next update will improve the feeling of jumping and will include about 5 new animations. Yes you heard that right, 5 new animations. Most of the animations aren’t necessary for mechanics, but they improve how the game will feel.

Update: Guard Idle Animation


Above is the new idle animation, called the ground stomp. I put in a little extra work with this animation, I added in particle affects to make the animation feel more intense and I made the weapon add shading to the player.

To make the creation of this animation easier, I separated the arm from the body, which initially was attached to. I then put the spear on a different layer, which was in between the body and the arm.

By separating the body parts it made shading much easier and I had to worry less about colliding parts. From realizing this, I am considering separating the body parts on the other animations if I use them again.

Anyway continuing on from the animation, I started to implement it into the game. To do this I first added in the code in the create action:

Once I have the create code, I wrote the code that would apply the animation and sound affects:


I have only added sound affects on 1 other animation, which is the flute, but I thought that this animation really needed the sound affects. I might add it to more, but that would be part of the refining stage of development.

With all the code added in, the end result looks like this:

Update: Guard Spear Added

The above images is the guard without and with a spear. I added the spear, because a guard isn’t a guard without some type of weapon and I thought a spear would fit the best, plus I can add in a stomping weapon animation much easier.

The spear is not a typical spear design, I wanted it to look different from most spears, so I designed the look based off of fantasy games, old spears and the symbol of the badge shown on the guards hat.

This is what it looks like in-game:

I may alter the size of the spear if needed, but for now it is not needed.