Analysis: What is an Adventure

What is an adventure?

An adventure is an event or series of events that can be physical or mental. It is an exciting experience, which is typically unusual or daring and has to have a meaning or goal. It consists of lose and/or gain, risk, decision making and impact. An adventure has some aspect that is challenging, whether that be mentally or physically.


Adventure in video game 

Adventure in video games is giving the player experiences that can’t be found or hardly found in real life, like exploring a new world, becoming a fire wielding magician and being a professional solider. These experiences are normally optional, but can be mandatory. Unlike real adventures, these adventures can be quit at any time and have less risk than if done in real life.

All experiences in video games require some type of roleplaying, because it is near impossible to impossible to make an enjoyable game that makes the player think everything is real.

Adventure in video games also need to be entertaining, which increases in difficulty over time. For the game to be pure adventure, it must include low amounts to no combat, because that goes under the action category.


What does sub-genre mean?

An adventure sub-genre game, means it has the aspects of adventure, but it isn’t the main point. An example of this is the Final Fantasy series. These games have all the parts of an adventure, which are decision making, a meaning, a goal, lose and gain, a great experience and you having impact on the world, however the game has heavy elements of rpg, action and narrative structure.

Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 3.3

I had a bit more time left over of the project, so I have been tweaking the level to reduce the light bleeding, because I figured out what was causing it; there were small holes that are impossible to see without being up close to them. I was unsuccessful in stopping the light bleeding, however I did improve upon it.

Another tweak has also been added and that is a new material has been made for some surfaces:


In the screenshot above, you can see passageways have a new material attached. The material is created by using the original material and adding a new texture to it. The material is attached to the floor underwater, so it has a swimming pool feel to it.

Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 3.2


This is the overview of the new map. Two new areas have been added by using the destruction meshes. They are the following areas:

Health and Armor Secret Room.png


Unfortunately some of the weapons don’t damage it and because, I didn’t make the weapons, it would take forever to find the correct actors and their variables.

I did encounter a problem while creating the areas and that was light bleeding; the lights were going through walls. I didn’t figure out the solution, however I did make it better by reducing light exponent to 0.5, reducing intensity and some radius. I would have reduced the radius further, but I needed some lights to have a large radius, because I wanted them to reach certain things.

All in all I am happy with the new areas and mending the light bleeding slightly.

Unfortunately this maybe the last update to this map, because the project is almost over. On the plus side though, a new project will start after this project has ended. It is something to do with adventure, but things might change.

Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 3.1


In this update the weapon layout has been slightly tweaked and the weapons spawns have been change. The reward tower (aka the new area) direction has been made more clear with small health vails. The room with the reward tower door is in now has a roof and lighting. The reward tower entrance teleporter (inside tower) has been adjusted to teleport above the room instead of in.

The update also fixes some errors and glitches, like gaps in walls and light shining through closed areas (all not fix).

Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 3.0


This is the overview of the update map, it now has a sky atmosphere and a brand new area, which wasn’t in the original map.

The new area looks like this when viewing it from the outside:


To the left you can see the area’s outside and to the left you can see a locked door. To unlock this door, you will need find the key, because firing at it will do no good. Above the door and the new building area is the sky atmosphere. The atmosphere does move when you start to play the game.

As you can also see in the background, I have made a few adjustments to the graphics. I did this because, I noticed the player can see them from their camera.

Inside the new area, you can see things like this:


Being in this new area gives you weapons, health and armor. The Redeemer can also be found inside. To get out you can either go through the entrance way or by breaking through the door shown.



Update: Unreal Tournament Map Update 2.1


All the lighting is in and all weapon, health and armor spawns have been added. On top of this, more presets were made, so I was able to add in about 10% more lights without a problem, however the framerate has gone down again. About 5-10% frame rate decrease, but the map does look better.

Graphics wise, not much has changed, however the triple staircase room now has some decoration: