Colours for my character

character personality and the colours

My character will be slightly magical, very strong and filled with rage and sadness. I will probably add in some black to resemble darkness and emptiness.

My character will be a very intelligent character, which might be resembled through his gloves. The strength and rage will be shown through his trousers and sadness and magical will be shown through the top half, with maybe some other colours here and there.


Why I chose them colours

I chose the colour red and purple for anger, because in the games red is seen as a powerful and a vicious colour, why purple is seen as rage and power.

The game is fantasy base and the colour purple is seen as a very magical colour, because it is so rare that when it is seen it gives the image or seen the sense of something special or magic. I chose blue to represent a sad magic for the colour of tears for the sadness the character has suffered. White is there to show there is still some light in me and is seen as good magic and shows I still have virtue in what I do.

The colour red was chosen, because red is seen as a powerful and dangerous colour as well as romance, this resembles my two sides. I am dangerous to approach and contain such power, but if you show me love and appreciation, then I will let down my guard and show you my light side.

Purple was chosen for intelligence, because purple is seen as a very sophisticated colour and will probably be the colour of my weapon, to show that it will be used intelligently.

Black, grey and blue was used for sadness, because these are seen as dark and depressing colours. Black can show I’ve been lost to the darkness, grey shows conflict of my two sides and blue is the  sorrow i feel inside.


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