Tetsuya Nomura compared to my drawing

Tetsuya Nomura’s creation is on the left and mine is on the right. I was trying to create the real life version of me into the Kingdom Hearts universe as if Tetsuya Nomura drew it. I think I did a very good job, but am still not quite there.

The hair is very off for this version of the style, but it later renditions is very close. I was basing my design off of the old version, but took parts from the later versions. The hair in this version has too much detail and should be more simplistic like Tetsuya Nomura’s. The hands could probably use a slight increase in size, but only a little, about 5-10% increase.

The face is quite close, but now realise I was drawing the video game version and not the drawing version, so I just need to adjust that in later versions.

The outlines and body shape is almost spot on, but needs less depth and more energetic movement.


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