Chocobo Crystal Hunt Review

The game objective is to collect all 4 crystals or 6 crystals to win the game. It’s a simple objective, yet a lot of fun.

At the start of the game, each player is assigned a character token with a Fat Chocobo and a crystal of that element, unless you are the 5th player and pick up the normal character token, then you just receive a Fat chocobo. You then pick up cards until you have 3 and each player takes it in turns to try to grab a crystal from another player, picking up a card per turn, except the first player on turn 1. If you succeed in the hunt you get that crystal and another go if you used a Chocobo, but if you fail, you discard the card used if it is a Chocobo and then end your turn. If a trap is revealed, you must do what the trap says to do.

I didn’t really like the first player not picking up a card, because you can’t get a first turn win, while the other players can, I don’t know how you could fix this issue, but it is a game mechanic I don’t like. Talking about game mechanics, there is a hidden player mechanic of shuffling your hand, which I find very interesting that they didn’t mention. This hidden mechanic uses the players psychology of pleasure with the discovery of something hidden, which I really enjoyed.

I really like that the theme of the game informed what the game was going to be like before I played it.

Because the game is so simple and uses pictures instead of words, that means the game can be played in multiple languages. It also helps reach their target audience of all ages, because it’s so simple a child can pick it up and play it with ease.

The price you are looking to pay for the original set is between £10-20, the expansions are relatively the same, but are typically slightly cheaper.


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