DC Deck Building Game Review

This game’s objective is to buff up your deck with new abilities and gain the highest score at the end. The game ends when either all the Super Villains or Super Heroes (depending on the version being played) are gone or there are no more cards in the main deck.

At the start of the game each player are given a Super Hero or Villain, 7 punches and 3 vulnerabilities. Each player takes it in turn to draw 5 cards and to buy a card from the line up, a kick or the enemy Super Hero or Villain with power equal or greater than the cost of the card.

The enemy Super Hero or Villain has a game mechanic that really works well called “First appearance”, which as it suggests activates an ability when the card is first shown. The abilities always is bad to my experience and I think this is a very good game mechanic, because it shows you that they are powerful.

The synergy of all the cards having unique abilities make the game feel more alive and interesting, which really works well with the buying in-game mechanic, because it really makes you think before you buy a card in which card will be better later on.

Weakness’ at first seem to be plain cards that block you from using better cards, but with the synergy between the weakness’ and Super Heroes or Villains make them more useful and interesting, for example: if you have 4 different card types in your discard pile +2 power. This really spices up the gameplay.

The target audience was of people aged 15+ and I think they achieved their target audience for visuals, but the gameplay could use with a little bit more complexity and options available to the player in my personal opinion.

There are a few downsides to the game, such as the lack of strategy, because your choices per turn are already preset and all you can do is hope for that card you bought and the length of the game, because it can take forever to complete one game and is not ideal for a quick game between work.

The standard cost for a first hand completed set of this game seems to be around £35 and an expansion seem to go from £8-20, depending on how new the set is and if it is first or second hand.


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