Primary and Secondary Research

Primary Research


Any data collected that doesn’t already exist by the means through surveys, questionnaires, etc.


  • Survey

Pro: Data gathered is simple and can be automatically calculated by a machine.
Con: It is too bland that it could mean a multiple of things

  • Focus group

Pro: Gather feedback from specific individuals.
Con: No one could show up.

  • Customer Trails

Pro: Let the customer experience the product for free, while getting feedback on improvements and things that went well.
Con: The customer could hate the product and give bad publicity.




Secondary Research


Any data that already exist and has been discovered and created into information at an earlier date, which may not necessarily has been used, but probably has.


  • Internet

Pro: Can give you quick access and copies of files on the collected data.
Con: Can contain viruses and malware, even from a trusted source, because of hackers and worms.

  • CD/DVD

Pro: All data is in easy to understand information form and examples can be shown straight to you.
Con: Requires a CD/DVD ROM to access.

  • Books

Pro: All data is in one place and probably neatly organised.
Con: Data is probably outdated.


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