Doom and Bloom Survival Review Comment

Click here for video review

I chose this review, because it is based on survival and that is the theme I am taking on for my own card based game.

The game has a few good mechanics, like the material counter, which I might add in and card types, but besides all of that the game is really boring and needs massive improvements. The game looks like it would be strategy base, but it is far from that, it is too heavy luck base and very dull choices. All the event, bonus and attack cards are super boring with the same mechanic, which is boring in itself. The game could have been good, but it seems the developers were too lazy and went with the basics.

I don’t want my card game to be like this, because this is an example of a failed board game. It is way too simplistic that goes on for way too long and is super repetitive. This shows me how not to make a card game; standard mechanics repeated over and over again.


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