Epic spell wars of the battle wizards – Rumble at castle tentakill

Epic spell wars of the battle wizards – Rumble at castle tentakill or ESWBW-RST as I’m calling is a more in-depth edition with more rules and mechanics to ESWBW-DAmtS (Duel at Mt.Skullzfyre), which is the original ESWBS game.

The game includes new mechanics like blood, resolve, reactions and keep to name a few. This does spice up the game, but it also adds quite a bit of complexity and makes the game even more overwhelming and difficult to play first time. It took me half a game to understand how creatures specifically work, because the guide is so hard to read.

I like the fact that they wanted to make the game feel like a crazy battle, but they did it in a way that made it hard to understand how the game play works. I would have seperated it completely with a page divider saying lore and rules with an index page, this would have in turn made it easier to understand the rules, while allowing the game to have law.

I wouldn’t suggest this version of ESBW to the beginner, but I would to an experienced player, because a new player will be much more likely to give up playing this version that the original, but an experience player would like the new mechanics added in, like the standee actually be useful.

The target audience is of 15+, but it feels like a 3+ game, because it has rather goofy characters, while the graphics are very mature. The game doesn’t seem to know what its target audience is and in turn makes a very confusing, but intriguing mess. The gameplay is wacky and silly, but the outcomes can be unpleasant and mature. The game itself is fun, but it has failed to reach its target audience.


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