Observation of the Marvel Deck Building Game Review

To read the review yourself, click here!

This Review is rather lengthy, but it does go into a bit of depth, like later on it does compare Legendary to this review.


When the author was explaining the rules, they say,

“Did I lose you? It’s more fun than I’ve made it seem, honest!” And I agree with this, while it does sound boring, it isn’t, because the cards are all different, which makes you need to strategically pick, this can be frustrating at times, but it is typically fun.


” Both games are relatively quick to play, and easy to understand (particularly if you’ve played a deck-builder before). ” Is how the author described the game and it is on-point, because it is one of the easiest card games I’ve played that allows strategy.


“it just feels like another day in the life of your particular superhero” I couldn’t agree with this statement more. Your character is fighting crime, strengthening their abilities and capturing villains.


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