Exploding kittens review

Exploding kittens is a fast pace game, when your goal is to take out other players. It has very fuel rules and the rules are very simple.

I would compare this to Chocobo Crystal Hunt, saying that it is similar, but more advance and fun to play.

The visual are very wacky, but it suits the theme and makes the game more enjoyable to play. The graphics improved the gameplay. Each cards are colour coded and helps the player to distinguish what each card does. The game doesn’t feel bland with only using the same simple cards, because the same card doesn’t look the same.

The combining aspect is very fun to use and is well balanced, because it gives you a card that is slightly more useful than the other cards, but requires you to use twice as many cards.

The target audience was met in my opinion, because it allows strategy, but also allows reckless gameplay as well, which allows players of all ages to have fun.


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