Card game finished


Note: This game is not available in any stores as I am currently not selling it, but my mind could change or I could sell the rights. Also this game is copyrighted automatically under the 1988 Copyright Act. 

The card game and rules have been finished. The game is called Adventure Control. Travel through the story which is randomly order, except for the start and the end, bribe your way through trails, stand and fight your ground with magic and melee and take down the villainous gang leader, Kres’car.

Watch Kres’car interact with the story through the cards and face teamwork and betray of your fellow competition and friends.

The gameplay works like biding in an auction house, but every bid is unknown until they get revealed to see who wins the scenario card. If that sounds too bland, then what if I told you abilities lie in some cards that can change the course of the game, but don’t be too foolish as you lose cards for the higher you bid and you may not receive as many back.

This game is a story came to life as a card game, it has been done before, but not like this (at least nothing I know of).

There is no longer the two modes and have been merged into one.

Age: 13+

Estimated time: 30 Minutes – 2 Hours

Players: 2-4 (more can play, but no more than 8, because the game isn’t designed for more than 4 players)


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