3D modeling project

I am starting a new project in creating 3D models. These models will be made in Blender, because it is free and a public funded program that is a highly professionally software.

In order to create the 3D models I will need to:

  • Learn how to use Blender.
  • How to create 3D meshes – This is how the 3D model is made out of.
  • The file formats it uses – Using the wrong file format will reduce the 3D model quality or corrupt the file and make it no longer usable.
  • How to navigate 3D software – So I can find stuff when I need it.
  • How to handle and create 3D model files.
  • Planning for my designs – So things don’t go horribly wrong.
  • Importance of reference materials.
  • What supporting software I may use.
  • Learn how to problem solve 3D problems.

To increase the look of the models:

  • I will need to learn how to add texture – This will save me so much time when I create a texture and don’t have to recreate it.
  • Give the models lighting correctly – So you can see the model how I intended.


I would also like to learn:

  • Animation – So I can make the 3D models feel alive.
  • Rendering – Make the 3D models seem more realistic
  • Scripting – Not necessary at this stage, but would be nice to know how to write a script in Blender.

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