Tutorial: Adding Depth and lighting to Texture

Today I learned how to add in lighting and depth into a texture, to make it look more like a 3D environment.

I first added in and enlarged a plane mesh, then opened up node editor in Cycle Render mode enabled nodes. I added in an Image texture, Diffuse, Glossy and a Mix Shader to combine the Diffuse and Glossy textures together, these are then connected to a Material Output.

concrete texture


Afterwards I added a sphere ball in the edge of the corner, lifting into the air slightly. This is using an Emission material at 15 strength.

I then re-opened the concrete node editor and added in two more image textures, one for the extra bumps and the other for lighting. The images used is the same image with different levels of light and dark. The image texture for bumps is changed to Non-Color-Data and connected to the bump height input, that is then connect to both Diffuse and Glossy Normal input and that connects out as previously.

The image for lighting is changed to Non-Color-Data value and is connected into the Fac input value of the Mix Shader, which connects to the output, which creates this in rendered mode:

lighting concrete


After this I learned how to do depth automatically. I selected the concrete and went to edit mode and used the Subdivide tool and inputted 100 cuts for the division. I then open up the modifier tool on the right and added 2 modifiers, Subdivide and Displace, I edited these to my situation. I then went into texture and clicked displace and added in a new image for the texture.

concrete depth


As you can see the quality increased, but that’s because, I reduce the strength. The strength as default value looks like this:

concrete depth overload.png


Yeah that’s not good, but that top though looks amazing. The final rendered image looks like this:

concrete and depth lighting


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