2D Game: Semiotic Image Analysis 2


Going from promoting to demoting alcohol, this image makes you feel bad about drinking alcohol. It does this by shaping the can to look like a human face that is showing a sad emotion and looks drunk, this is effective because, it makes the audience see themselves as the can and will help make you feel bad when drinking alcohol in the future, however it could also be seen as an insult to homeless people, saying that they are only on the streets, because they are homeless, which probably will make homeless people feel worse about them self and drink more.

The blurriness of the background is very effective on creating the affect of drinking too much; having poor vision and being dizzy.  This can make the audience feel sick or dizzy, it symbolises the affect you feel when you are drunk. That being said, it could be seen as time going by at an accelerated rate and symbolising that you lose track of time when drunk.


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