2D Game: Mario Game Analysis

Mario timeline.jpg

The mechanics of Mario are:

  • Movement – This includes the running, sprinting, sliding and jumping. This is important to make the character be able to move around the environment.
  • Power-ups – With power-ups come great gameplay. Power-ups spice up the gameplay and aren’t needed, but if added makes the game 10x better, obviously exaggerating, but the game will improved if done right.
  • Health – Health correlates to power-ups in this game, but health is shown in a different way than normal. Mario = 1hp, big Mario = 2hp, Power-up = 3hp, gigantic Mario = so many seconds invisibility.


The mechanics of the environment are:

  • Platforms – Platforms start off basic, but gradually improve throughout the game, gradually becoming rotating with fire and enemies.
  • Hidden areas – By adding hidden areas in the game, it makes thee game re-playable.
  • Risk and reward – This is typically optional, but it involves risk of an item, life, currency, etc for a reward or continuation of a story. The reward is not always instant, but sometimes gradual, meaning a progress bar.
  • Guide – There is no direct dialogue guide, but the coins are being used as a guide and feels less forced on the player, because it can be ignored.


The enemies mechanics are:

  • Damage output – This is needed to make the game hard.
  • Player shields – This is not a shield for the enemy, but a shield for the player as a reward for killing the enemy.
  • Self friendly fire projectile – When stomped on why hidden, some Koopers turn into projectiles that can damage the enemy or you.
  • Jump boost – Most enemies can be used to boost you jump height, this is handy to reach an out of reach edge and that edge could contain a reward, which is a risk and reward function.

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