2D Game: Sonic 1 Game Analysis

Sonic 1 game screenshot

Sonic being a classic game is a good reason on why we analyse the game mechanics.

Here is some of the game mechanics for Sonic:

  • Sound effects – This makes the character more fun, because it adds juiciness in.
  • Coin collecting – This is a mechanic gives you an extra goal in the game and gives you the sense of accomplishment when done successfully.
  • Movement – This is required for your character to experience and interact with the game.
  • Momentum with speed – This is done to make Sonic feel fast and make the game feel fast pace.
  • Jumping – Jumping lets the character reaches new heights and allows you to get to places you couldn’t reach before.
  • Collision – This is needed for the character to not just full through the map
  • Health in form of coins – Health being coins is cleaver, because they make you want to collect them.
  • Lives – Allows you to retry in the same place


Here is some of the mechanics for the level:

  • Sprites – Sprites makes amerces you into the game experience.
  • Platforms – Allows Sonic to stay static in one place.
  • Rotating platforms – By adding this, it challenges the player, because they aren’t use to playing with a rotating platform.
  • Physics – Physics are needed to make the game feel better, because it allows the player and enemies interact with each other.
  • Hidden events – Hidden events can be enemies, items, currency or sometimes story. This is good for replay-ability, because it makes you want to find more.
  • Timer – The timer makes the player want to mover fast.
  • Score – Lets players compete with each other to see who is better.


Here is some of the mechanics for the enemies:

  • Health – This makes the enemy allow to die and lets it withstand multiple hits.
  • Projectiles – With this, it allows the enemy to attack in multiple locations at once, while not being hurt.
  • Damage output – Allows the enemy yo attack back and be challenging.
  • Animation – Gives the enemy life and not just a moving image (even though it is).
  • Enemy patterns – Makes the enemy predictable and allows the player to defeat the enemy in a predictable manner.
  • Sound effects – Tells the player they are about to attack, they have attacked or has been attacked, as well as letting the player though they are nearby.

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