2D Game: Starting Up a Level

We went through some discussion about player collision and that it is better to chose the forgiving than the unfair option to the player when it comes to collision at least.


The collision on the right would infuriate the player and make them not want to continue, while the other one makes the player think they died, but it was fair.


We started too create a level, after we learnt the navigation of the UE4, using the 2D SideScroller Blueprint. In this we have removed the player animation and added a white ball in the Viewport of the character. This didn’t remove the animation, because the blueprint controller was still receiving a sketchbook of animation. Once the link was broken, it removed the animation. The ball wasn’t lighted and all I needed to do was click build and then it received lighting.

We then included sound affects to when the player jumped and for me landed, I got the sound affects here: Sound bible (Be careful when using).

The next step was adding in a reset button and reset collision, which was done by just reopening the world:


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