2D Game: Level Look

Level sizecongradulations level

These screenshots of the game are the main level and the ending demo level. The first level is made up of just two main mechanics; jump-through platforms and mines. There is another mechanic, which is bullet stoppers, but they aren’t a main mechanic, it is close though. The second level is just an end of demo level that lets you jump around, test the platforms with more freedom and I would probably use this as some type of bonus level with lava on the ground, your character automatically running, bonus pickups like extra lives, automatic direction changers and more.

I made both of these in 1 day, which I’m shocked with myself. This proves to me that using 1 mechanic in as many ways as possible is a very affective technique. Plus mechanics don’t all need to be blueprints, for example: a maze with colours throughout the level that are used to help you get through the maze. For example: blue = left, red = right, yellow = forward. No extra scripting or programming needed, just art and design. I wish I realised this when making the level, because this could have been a nice, fun and simple mechanic to include.


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