2D Game: Varity of mines

trap Variety

The way the mines I had setup did not reach the player and the area I wanted it to. To fix this issue, I duplicated it and changed the coordinates of all the mines to fit certain needs. Like one that needed to reach the player before it jumped, one that didn’t activate when player is behind it and so on. I also created an actor just to stop bullets from going through walls, because it would be unfair. I did want to do it to the tileset itself, but couldn’t figure out how, so this was the next best option.

The problem with both of these fixes is it could slow down the game. The extra con for the trap attack variety is the multitude of fixing if something goes wrong, because the likelihood is, if one thing went wrong in one, then it probably has in the others, granted this is a small con, but it is really bad for any deadlines that are needed to be met.


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