Game Mechanics FMP: What the Game Mechanics are

I can’t remember if I posted this anywhere, but if not this is the list of mechanics in the game and if it is currently in:

  • Movement (Applied) – Lets the player move around.
  • Shooting (Applied) – Lets the player use a gun to activate switches.
  • Switches (Applied) – Allows players to activate and deactivate doors to complete a puzzle.
  • Doors (Applied) – Stops players from moving through if locked.
  • Orb to end game (Will be added) – When hit with bullet, it progresses to next level.
  • Selection screen (May be added) – Allows players to select the puzzle they want.
  • Timed puzzle (Thinking about adding) – Uses the same puzzle, but adds a time limit to beat puzzle.
  • Rating (Probably won’t be added) – On timed puzzle, will give and possibly save rating for completing the puzzle, depending on how much time it took.
  • Shoot at mouse location (Probably won’t be added) – Shoots at where the player’s cursor is. I tried adding this, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. More explanation in next post after the analysis post.
  • Bounce bullet (Probably won’t be added) – Add a bounce affect on bullet. This would be added if I can get the shoot at mouse location working, but if I can’t, then maybe adding in an obstacle that changes the bullet direction would possibly work.
  • Bullet slow down (Thinking about adding) – This can be done simply, so I am thinking about adding in areas where the bullet will slow down, so I can make more complicated puzzles.
  • Control reversal (Probably won’t add) – Switches the player’s control, so left goes right and vise versa.
  • Reset button (Will add) – When pressed will reset the level, timer and anything else to default of that level.


I haven’t finished the first level fully yet, but once I have, I will be focusing on making some more levels, probably 20 levels and then I will start adding more of the features I mentioned, like the bullet slow down area, so I can make harder puzzles. If I do add in more mechanics, then I need an indicator for them.


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