Analysis FMP: Thomas Was Alone Analysis

Thomas was alone.jpg

The analysis I watch was this: Video analysis

Watching this analysis made me realise that when creating a level, it should mean something other than it is just there to be played. Levels are a post to link to the story, the main character, another character, the environment, the backstory or something else.

The mechanics used in this game are used to create the puzzle and not the puzzles used to create the mechanics, which makes each puzzle feel right and not out of place.

The story added was added in a way that was very cleaver. The story was put all through dialogue, but each shape meant something different on the hierarchy, which is then used to tell a message to the player.  You see the personality types working together to show the importance of teamwork, even though they don’t like each other. They sacrifice their self to save others and in return, they get revived back to life and has the favour returned.

I think I will use some of these in my game, but mine doesn’t have a story, so I may try to tell a story without dialogue.


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