Update FMP: New Levels and Other Improvements

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Level 3-6 has been completed. The levels look quite appealing to me and I am extremely proud of the results.

The other following has change:

  • Camera range – I have zoomed it out by about 50% so I can add another game mechanic in, which is blind fire.
  • Blind fire – First they see the puzzle and then they have to remember where the switch was.
  • Music – I gathered music from this webpage, Have a look at the free music.
  • Sound effects – I have applied some sound effects to the character and obstacles, this is to make the experience more enjoyable. These are the links I got the sound from: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4. I did edit one in Adobe Premier, because it didn’t fit my needs.
  • Loading screen – To let the game build itself before handing the controls to the player. Doesn’t actually do that, it just shows a loading screen for a little bit before giving access to the player.



I am happy with what I produced today and even though a few things I could do better, mainly the loading screen. I will be focusing on creating more levels on Thursday, unless I need to do something else.


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